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Halloween Costume Ideas That Feature Sunglasses

The best Halloween costumes come with sunglasses. Obviously. Here are some Halloween costume ideas† for men and women that feature sweet, sweet shades.

†| Melania Trump at Night |

Photo: Yahoo! Lifestyle

Dressing up as the first lady is one thing; dressing up as the first lady in sunglasses at night is quite another. Grab a group of gal pals and sport many of Melania’s “shady” nighttime looks.

| Halloween is the Best Time to be Bad |

Photo: AMC

Grab a friend, your pork pie hat, and some science to cook up a Halloween night o’ fun as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

| Ever Seen Lil Jon Without Shades? Yeeaaaah, no.† |


This photo speaks for itself, and so will your costume.

| Grab Some Wayfarers and Get Risky |

Photo: Warner Bros.

All you need are some black wayfarer sunglasses, a black polo, some jeans from your dad’s closet, and a really good-looking blonde, and you’ve got yourself a costume.

| Hit the Road in Some Yellow-Tinted Beauties |

Photo: Universal Pictures

Bucket hat, check. Floral Acapulco shirt, yes. Yellow-tinted, oversized aviators, yup. Now all you need is your buddy Dr. Gonzo and a suitcase full of fun, and you’re ready for the ultimate “business” trip.

| Say Hello to Some Badass Sunglasses |

Photo: Universal Pictures

Ok, sure, the heading for this one is beyond cheesy, but your Tony Montana costume won’t be.

| Get Twiggy With It |

Photos: Marie Claire

Iconic sunglasses make for an iconic costume.

†| Wrangle Some Buddies and Take it Easy |

Photo: Columbia/Tristar

This trio isn’t just about† putting together the right the headgear, hair, and shades; you’ll also need to pick up and put on a particularly easy-going, spontaneous, roll-with-the-flow kind of attitude.

| Step Into the Danger Zone |

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Speaking of trios, here’s a classic.† Too cliche?† Never. If you must change things up, then be this crew after retirement. Or, maybe as zombies. Zombies are never cliche, especially when they’re wearing sunglasses.

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