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Sunglasses 101: 5 Facts About Aviator Sunglasses

1. They Were Invented for Function Rather Than Style

original aviator sunglasses

Pilots loved not only the function of the new shades but also the style, and the sunglasses quickly evolved into what we now know as classic aviators. In 1937, Bausch & Lomb released a civilian design marketed as Ray-Ban aviators.

2. A Legendary General Set the Fashion Trend

original aviator sunglasses
General MacArthur propelled the heroic stigma of aviator sunglasses.

Military legend General Douglas MacArthur sparked the aviator sunglasses fashion trend when he landed on Leyte Island, Philippines. He was wearing aviators and smoking a corncob pipe. Newspapers published photos, and the rest is fashion history. We’re pretty sure that’s exactly what the five-star general was going for. Pretty sure.

3. Top Gun Was an Aviator Fashion Show

top gun sunglasses

4. Classic Aviator Sunglasses Have a “Bullet Hole”

ray ban sunglasses
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5. The Surgeon General Would Not Approve

aviator shooter sunglasses
In 1998, Johnny Depp’s character Raoul Duke sparked a Ray-Ban Shooter comeback.

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