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Native Eyewear Sunglasses: Live the Adventure

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Native Eyewear realized what many have realized: Colorado is pretty much the best place on earth.  After 10 years in PA, Native moved to Denver in 2008, and they haven’t looked back. What they have done, however,  is look ahead. With their Locals Only Project and Natives Know Road Tour, Native Eyewear celebrates “the lives of those too amazing to be seen through an ordinary lens.”

Promoting a lifestyle just as much as they promote their sunglasses, Native Eyewear travels the country to find the people who share their vision of getting the most of out of life one outdoor adventure at a time.  Keep an eye out for the Native Eyewear Road Team and their sweet Native Road Rig. The sleek silver Mercedes Sprinter van bears the mountain landscape that the Road Team lives to explore.  You can keep up with their travels by following them on social media and the Native Eyewear website.

Native Eyewear’s Natives Know Road Team, Roland Emerson Mott and Dani Rowland, travel the country collecting inspiring stories from those who know how to live and love the Native life.

Native Eyewear sunglasses are some of our best sellers and personal favorites.  We would love to become an authorized dealer; however, at this point, Native Eyewear reps tell us that we need a brick and mortar storefront.  As that is not a part of our story, we hope that Native will one day take their adventurous spirit to the World Wide Web. Our online store allows us to keep our prices low and our process simple.  So, here’s hoping.   Native, whenever you’re ready to take on an online dealer, we’d love to be a part of the adventure.

Check out some of our favorite Native Eyewear sunglasses:

Native Eyewear Dash SS
Native Eyewear Dash SS Polarized Sunglasses
Native Attack
Native Eyewear Attack Polarized Sunglasses
Native Eyewear Highline Polarized Sunglasses


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