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Sunglasses 101: Grilamid TR® Sunglasses

Many performance sunglasses boast Grilamid TR® frames, which sounds like something from a superhero action movie, but what is Grilamid TR®? Is it as hardcore-awesome as it sounds?  Grilamid TR® is a badass material that is definitely hardcore-awesome, and that’s why it’s used in many military, medical, and other high-performance applications.

Grilamid TR® Defined for the Layman

Grilamid TR®  is a transparent amorphous thermoplastic, which means it’s a plastic material, or polymer, that gets soft when heated to extreme temperatures and solid when cooled, and it does this without discoloring or losing its strength. Manufacturers can easily shape it into objects that must maintain their integrity in physically-stressful, highly-active situations.

Not a layman or just want to geek out to more Grilamid TR® facts? CLICK HERE to check out EMS-GRIVORY’s  36-page Grilamid TR® info booklet. EMS-GRIVORY manufactures the stuff under the Grilamid TR® brand name, so they know what they’re talking about.

The Benefits of Grilamid®

Here’s why Grilamid TR® is particularly perfect for sunglasses:

  • It’s super lightweight
  • It’s flexible, impact-resistant, and extremely durable
  • It’s highly transparent and easy to color
  • It has low flammability and is resistant to many sunglass-harming chemicals
  • It stands up against high and low temperatures
  • It’s UV ray resistant

Not all sunglasses are created equal, and only some of the toughest, made-for-action shades have Grilamid TR® frames.  A few of our favorite brands that often feature Grilamid TR® frames include HovenUnder Armour, and Costa Del Mar.

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