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The Best Looking Sport Sunglasses for Women

Let’s face it; most sport sunglasses look pretty lame.  Many manufacturers fall into the same rut of boring wrap designs, basic colors, and small, lifeless frames. Yawn.  If you’re looking for a great pair of performance shades that also look freakin’ adorable, then you’ve come to the righ ...
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Every pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.  If your Costas are damaged due to  defective materials or craftsmanship, then Costa will replace or repair them.  It's pretty much that simple and that awesome.Costa Del Mar directly handles all warranty claims an ...
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You know that you want them, you know that they are awesome, and you know that they might cost more, but what, exactly, are polarized sunglasses?  Are they really worth the hype and extra cash?Costa Del Mar Tern Polarized Sunglasses :: NativeSlope.comOn a basic level, a polarized lens has ...
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