Neff Headwear Brodie Sunglasses – Black Static 80’s Retro Frame – Includes 2 Lenses


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It’s true, these shades are famous. Sure, Riff Raff and NFL superstar Richard Sherman dig Neff’s Brodie sunglasses, but so do you, and you are awesome.  Look and feel like an uber-rad superstar all day and all night.  Yes, that’s right, all night, because these 80’s-tastic shades come with a couple of interchangeable lenses, so you can wear them at night to keep up your super-amazing retrotastic vibe. Or, you can just wear them to have a little fun. Whatever your jam, Neff’s Brodie sunglasses have got you covered.

  • Includes TWO interchangeable lenses
  • Includes a case with a foam insert for both lenses and a zipper closure
  • Ultra coolness not included; you get to supply that!

Frame Color