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Halloween Costume Ideas That Feature Sunglasses

The best Halloween costumes come with sunglasses. Obviously. Here are some Halloween costume ideas  for men and women that feature sweet, sweet shades.Photo: Yahoo! LifestyleDressing up as the first lady is one thing; dressing up as the first lady in sunglasses at night is quite another. Grab a gro ...
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The Best Looking Sport Sunglasses for Women

Let’s face it; most sport sunglasses look pretty lame.  Many manufacturers fall into the same rut of boring wrap designs, basic colors, and small, lifeless frames. Yawn.  If you’re looking for a great pair of performance shades that also look freakin’ adorable, then you’ve come to the righ ...
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Yes, the desert is hot.  Really freakin' hot.  It's also an incredibly beautiful place to hike.  When preparing for a desert hike, always remember these three things:1.  No cotton.  Ever.  Wear lightweight, breathable, quick-drying materials.2.  Always remember head-to-toe sun protection. Fro ...
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6 Ways To Wear Shield Sunglasses

Shield sunglasses, yeah, they're a thing.  They have that badass chic vibe that we all crave.  From boho casual to total glam, shield sunglasses will add serious attitude to any outfit.  Need some inspiration?  Here are six outfit ideas that feature bold, beautiful, and completely fearless shiel ...
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This summer, it's all about those shades.  Aviator sunglasses are always a good choice and won't fade out of fashion any time soon.  Whether you're going casual in a simple black tee or adding some edge to that little black dress, a pair of aviators will not let you down.  Oh, and they protect yo ...
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