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The sun’s harmful rays are way more sneaky than you may think. Able to cut through fog, haze, and clouds, UV rays make overcast days deceiving, and you should always wear sunglasses, even when it’s cloudy.Don't worry, sunglass manufacturers know this, and they make lenses specifically for low-li ...
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Repeat after me: My eyes are awesome, and I WILL NOT wear anything but ISO 12312-2 safety standard compliant eyewear to look at the eclipse. Ever. So, the answer is a big fat HECK NO, sunglasses WILL NOT protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays while you look directly at the eclipse. ...
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Sunglasses 101: Lens Color Guide

Choosing the right lens color can be overwhelming, especially when you’re shopping performance sunglasses. Below is a basic guide to help you understand how different lens colors work in different light conditions.  Darker lens colors like gray, green, and brown work best in medium and bri ...
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