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10 Things We Dig About Tifosi Sunglasses

These are in no particular order. Like Tifosi sunglasses, this post is lightweight, simple, and authentic.

:: 1 ::

Tifosi is an Italian word that means “enthusiast” or “superfan”, which is just awesome. Who doesn’t love being extremely excited about something in Italian?

:: 2 ::

Most models have vented lenses for increased airflow and reduced fogging. Airflow is essential, and fog is a drag. 

:: 3 ::

Tifosi does not offer direct sales; they exclusively support their retailers, big and small. AND, they are willing to work with online retailers who don’t waste time and resources on brick and mortar stores. Thank you for meeting us in the 21st century, Tifosi!

:: 4 ::

Tifosi’s lenses are scratch-resistant and shatterproof.

:: 5 ::

The ear pieces are adjustable for custom comfort and performance.

:: 6 ::

Oh, and the nose pieces are adjustable too. Sweet.

:: 7 ::

All lenses are optically decentered to eliminate distortion and prevent unwanted magnification. Science.

:: 8 ::

Tifosi was founded by Joe and Elizabeth Earley who saw a need in the eyewear industry and made their vision a reality. Mad props for putting an idea into action.

:: 9 ::

Tifoi’s mission is to provide innovative and technologically advanced performance eyewear at prices that won’t break the bank.  That’s pretty much what we’re all about.

:: 10 ::

Not only does Tifosi offer models that appeal to cyclists, runners, and golfers, but they also offer models that just look good. Yeah, we might be suckers for a little fashion now and then.

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