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Autumn Fun: Five Things to do in the Fall

Looking for a way to take advantage of the year’s most colorful season? †Check out these five things to do in the fall. †Leave a comment with any other ideas or some of your favorite fall locations.

1 | Go for a Scenic Drive

Fall is the perfect time for a scenic drive. The world is so colorful, the roads are clear, and the summer tourist season is at an end. Put together a great playlist, pack some snacks and refreshments, and hit the road.

Donít know where to start? Check out these great resources:

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2 | Cast a Line

Fall is a great time to go fishing. With cooler water temperatures, the variety is always interesting and exciting. Bass, for instance, are particularly hungry in the fall, and some avid anglers believe bass gorge themselves to prepare for the winter. Others theorize the increase in action is because of the seasonal increase in baitfish. Whatever the reason, fall fishing is always a blast. Add vibrant scenery and comfortably cool weather to the mix, and itís any anglerís dream.

Fallís also a great time of year to stock up on gear, as many shops offer fall promotions and clearance sales. Stock up on flies, grab that rod youíve been eyeing, and snag an extra pair of polarized sunglasses.

3 | Explore a Ski Town or Resort

Hitting up a swanky resort or bustling ski town during the off-season is a great way to enjoy everything a ski area has to offer without the crowds. Sure, you wonít get to hit the slopes, but many resorts run the lifts for some spectacular views. You can also snag some killer deals at the local shops as they clear out their inventory to make room for the coming seasonís trends.

4 | Visit a Local Farm

Farms in the fall are always a great time with pumpkin harvests, corn mazes, hay rides, and other autumn traditions. Many farms host farm-to-table feasts, which are not only delicious but are also a fun way to meet new people, support the little guy, and connect with your community.

5 | Take a Brewery Tour

Whether youíre bundled up and biking or have bribed a friend to be the D.D., fall brewery tours are pretty much the best. With pumpkin ales and other great seasonals on tap, visiting and supporting local breweries while enjoying one of the best beverages on Earth is always a good time.

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