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Backed for Life: Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Warranty

Every pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.  If your Costas are damaged due to  defective materials or craftsmanship, then Costa will replace or repair them.  It’s pretty much that simple and that awesome.

Costa Del Mar directly handles all warranty claims and makes all repairs by hand. Photo: Costa Del Mar

Costa charges an $11.95 fee for all claims, and the process is easy and worth it. Costa does not require a receipt, and they make all repairs by hand.  They even back limited edition shades.  If they cannot repair a limited edition pair of sunglasses, and they no longer carry the model, then they will send you a comparable pair.

To send your Costa sunglasses for repairs, simply fill out an online request form, print the shipping label, and send your Costas to the shop. Costa will get back to you with repair options.  We tried it, and it was simple and fast.

Because Costa hand cuts all of their lenses in Florida, they take them very seriously, so if you replace your lenses with non-Costa lenses, then you’re not only incredibly silly, but you’ve also voided the warranty. Oops.

Need a new pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses but don’t qualify for the warranty?  No problem.  Here are some of our favorite Costa Del Mar sunglasses:


Costa Del Mar Coba Sunglasses – Tortoise Frame Polarized Silver Mirror Lenses ::


Costa Del Mar Seadrift Sunglasses – Silver Frame Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses ::


Costa Del Mar Prop Sunglasses – Black & White Frame – Polarized Gray Lenses ::

CLICK HERE for more information from Costa Del Mar about their warranty and repair policies.

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