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Sunglasses 101: Lens Color Guide

Choosing the right lens color can be overwhelming, especially when you’re shopping performance sunglasses. Below is a basic guide to help you understand how different lens colors work in different light conditions.  Darker lens colors like gray, green, and brown work best in medium and bri ...
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The Best Sunglasses for Winter

Unless it's a blue-sky day, it's easy to forget to wear sunglasses in the winter. That’s a horrible idea. Please swear to never, ever forget your shades in the winter again.  Seriously, swear it.  Your eyes will thank you.::  Even When it's Overcast? Especially when the sky is ov ...
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You know that you want them, you know that they are awesome, and you know that they might cost more, but what, exactly, are polarized sunglasses?  Are they really worth the hype and extra cash?Costa Del Mar Tern Polarized Sunglasses :: NativeSlope.comOn a basic level, a polarized lens has ...
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